About LifePex

Lifepex is a free software under GPL-3 license, which means you are allowed to read, modify, and redistribute the software only if you are doing it under the same license.
The source code is available on the  sceptique git forge.

This website is served by myself (Sceptique) for free. I engage my honor to do never read or modify personnal data you may have put on the server, and do my best to ensure its security. You should look at the code source if you want to audit it.


In case you want to take a look at your data or want to delete it, I may in the futur provide a feature for do it yourself. Meanwhile you can still drop me an issue or a message on  irc.sceptique.eu #lifepex.

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Service version

Code version: v2.6.1

Last update: 2022-04-23